Friday, September 07, 2007

$50 Bonus from FullTilt and Sixteen and Counting

I got this email today. FullTilt misses my business, and assuming I have no way to deposit (though I have more than enough $ online to play indefinitely), is throwing me another bone without me reloading. Much smaller than last time, so easily clearable. It would be like me to do some sort of challenge around this, but I have played so little cash games this year, that I am sure my game is way rusty. Also, I hear the games are even tougher now. I can't resist the free $50 though, so I will need to knock it out. I figure I will just multitable 1/2 NL and knock it out in a few hours. If I start out real bad, I will move down. I don't think I can clear it in MTTs in 14 days, though I would probably prefer that. I think I may take a shot at the Kat rebuy madness for the first time tonight if I can figure out the time/PW. I will be a huge donator I am sure so watch out.

We have 16 in so far for the 1st ever Blogger Fantasy Football Battle. There are tons of bloggers with FSL accounts not in yet, so I figure 30+ for week 1 at this point. You have until 1PM Eastern on Sunday to open your account and register for the Blogger Battle. Registering and drafting takes about 5 minutes if you are prepared to chose your players. If you want to really think about it, it is a good idea to register/draft a few days early, or allow yourself additional time on contest day. You may change your draft choices at any point prior to 1PM Eastern on Sunday, so you can always go back and fine tune your fantasy team as required within the cap constraints. I know lots of you are already in other fantasy leagues, but this is where the best blogger will be determined. There are already some heavy hitters signed up, and more to come for sure so the competition will be tough. If you want to find out where you stack up against the rest of us, the battle is where you find out. Winning your local league is not the same as a beating huge field with no draft order advantage given to anyone. Good luck everyone in the battle.

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At 9:11 AM, Blogger NewinNov said...

I got $75, ha ha.

At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude $1/2 on FT is soft as butter.


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