Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Calling All Bloggers - The Blogger Battle Begins

Pro Football was officially launched last night on and registration for the first annual Blogger Fantasy Football Battle has begun. Its time to come out and support the blogging community and see who owns the fantasy football bragging rights around here. The set-up is that each week you enter a new contest called "Blogger Battle Week x", and draft a new team of starters from the players in the games that Sunday. You are limited to a cap of 1000 ranking points when drafting that forces you to make trade-offs when selecting your team (i.e. you don't have the points to select all of the highest ranked players). All players will use the same cap value and same draft pool when selecting their fantasy football teams each week. This will be a true apples to apples comparison of all entries each week of the season. Each Blogger Battle contest will be 10 players, cost $10, and will pay the top three finishers $45/$27/$18 each week (90% payout). Each time a contest fills a new, empty one will start forming. From all of the Blogger Battle fantasy contests that form each week, I will pull out the scores and apply the PokerStars TLB formula to the top 50% of fantasy scores each week. These scores will be accumulated over the season to determine the overall winner.

FSL will add $500 minimum to the prize pool including

$100 for first place overall
$50 for second place overall
$25 for third place overall

$100 for best overall weekly fantasy score
$50 for 2nd best overall weekly fantasy score
$25 for 3rd best overall weekly fantasy score

$150 minimum added to "Tournament of Champions" at end of battle
Weekly over all winners get a seat in the TOC.

Some screenshots are below for those that are not familiar with the website. Also, there is a postcard image below that also explains how things work on FSL. If you use bonus code "Blinders" or click through an FSL Ad or use a different, valid bonus code when opening your account, you will get $20 free with a $100 initial deposit, or $30 free with a $200 initial deposit. You can use the instant bonus to freeroll the first few weeks of the challenge, and if you don't like it, you can withdraw your entire deposit risk free. Now that's a pretty good deal, so come on over and sign-up. Also there is no season long commitment here. You can choose to enter any or all of the weekly blogger battle contests.

Main Lobby - Find Blogger Battle

Contest Info - See entries, prizes, scoring, and games included

Draft Screen - Select your fantasy team without spending more than 1000 pts.

Marketing Postcard - Designed by Mookie

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