Monday, December 15, 2008

Joe Speaker Sandbags His Way To The TOC

Joe Speaker loves to talk about how bad he is at Fantasy Sports. All that talk may have just been sandbagging. Joe took down week 15 of the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle, and earned just the third seat so far in the season ending TOC to be held in Week 17. Week 16 will be the last chance to gain entry in the TOC. Will a fourth blogger make it in? Also, if you have already won a blogger battle week and have a blog that is not linked, please submit your blog for review. It just takes an active sports or gaming blog that existed 3 months prior to the start of this season's Blogger Battle to be eligible for the bonus cash. There will also be Blogger Battle leagues in Week 17 to determine the final standings and other bonus cash prizes. Week 15 official results are shown below, and the season standings have been updated.

Week 15 Results

Qualified for Tournament of Champions ($150 Min. Added)
Rtrizzle, AlCan'tHang, bonds, Kaiseroll13, Randy, pokernut0826, Kev, Resino, Carmine316, Joe Speaker

Top Scores of the Season ($100/$50/$25 Added)
Randy 147.3 (Week 5), bonds 142.3 (Week 6), RTrizzle 142.3 (Week 1), Kev 141.5 (Week 12), Kaiseroll13 140.0 (Week 12), AlCantHang 139.7 (Week 2)

Blinders Dead Money in TOC Pool
$150 so far.

Points Leaders ($100/$50/$25 Added)

Kev 638.95
bonds 610.23
Buffalo66 595.80
Kaiseroll13 493.92
AlCantHang 379.39
Blinders 375.71
RTrizzle 350.94
Resino 348.17
Joe Speaker 336.93
bayne_s 295.33
Schaubs 272.46
I Am Legion 271.80
Randy 202.90
pokernut0826 198.12
Big Pirate 190.79
carmine316 190.17
Miami Don 162.97
ebk03001 154.25
HermWarfare 145.65
etoppsfan 129.55
Johnny Sixx 126.95
Zeem 120.46
V-man 93.29
love_elf 89.28
Capybara Carnival 86.70
Canable 82.90
Family Guy 82.07
only1calvary 80.84
BobbyBracelet 72.50



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