Friday, September 26, 2008

Bodog Roll Growing - Beginner S&Gs Still Easy Money

A few weeks ago, I posted about what to do about Bodog. In a panic, I had removed all but $200 of my funds from Bodog. With an eight week lead-time on a withdrawl check, I figured the funds are not very safe there. The problem is that I love to bet Football, but $200 is not nearly enough to cover the variance of football betting. So I have made a small effort to rebuild the roll at Bodog over the last few weeks, and have played about 6 hours worth of Beginner S&Gs. The roll is now north of $600. I even made may first football bets last weekend earning a small profit overall. I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about the Bodog beginner S&Gs but theses things are like a printing press for free money. With just $200 in my account, I had no problem running the $32+3 Beginner S&Gs even though the buy in was more than 1/6th of my roll. These things simply have almost no variance and no risk. I cash in over 75% of them that I run, though lately it feels more like 100%. The $32+3s play super easy too. I played my first $8+.80 beginner, and it was tougher early on than the 16s or 32s. At the lower limits the players are looking to fold into the cash. At the higher levels players like to show-off their abilities. You end up seeing one or two early eliminations in the 32s way more often than in the 16s or 8s. If two people get knocked out in the first level or two, you can just fold to the cash. With 8 people left you just need three more eliminations in the next hour to cash, which is a given in a S&G format. So more often than not in the 32s, people get out of line early, and basically hand you a cash if you are willing to fold to it. The crazy thing is that I take this super tight and super conservative approach, and still end up accumulating chips. I wish I could say this is all skill, but the play at Bodog is just so bad. I wait around for massive starting hands, and you will see one or two of these in an hour. When I get one, I get paid off and that is all that I need. Boring poker, yes. Profitable poker, oh yeah. If you don’t like free money, stay away from Bodog. If you still have some funds there, play the beginners and build your roll. If, I can free up a decent amount of time I would challenge myself to build a roll from $20 to $1000 in less than a month on Bodog. I figure 20-30 hours of work is all it would take, with zero risk of going busto.

This Sunday is Week 4 of the second annual Blogger Fantasy Football Battle. Get in the game at, and compete for the $500+ in added bonus cash. AlCan'tHang is our current overall leader and he knows his SoCo better than his football. Also, Sunday's with Dr. Pauly continues. $500 in added bonus cash for that series as well.

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At 10:15 AM, Blogger cheer_dad said...

I read what you said about the Beginner SNG's on Bodog a while back and found it interesting, so I went out to see the structure/payout system which frankly makes it "difficult" not to cash in them. I had forgotten you mentioned that you had cleaned out the account for all but $200. What I didn't realize was the higher level ($32 SNG) that you were playing. I similar to you only have $200 out there now. So I was just donking around at the UBER-low levels. I'm fairly consistently winning and cashing in these. Making money, but painfully slow... But now that I see that it's loose at the $32 level I'm thinking I should be willing to risk a greater chunk of the roll as well. You hate nowadays to blow the online bankroll, since options to move money around are quite limited, so I feel like I'm walking a fine line, but then again you can't play scared either.

Sorry to be so chatty, but you got my interest. Any other advice would be appreciated.




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