Monday, September 22, 2008

Bonds Wins Week 3 of the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle

This week we had 29 runners in the BFFB2 at Fantasy Sports Live. bonds who was a top competitor last year continued his winning ways with the top score. That will earn him a seat in the end of season TOC as well as move him up in the season standings. Results are shown below. The added prizes are for bloggers only. If your FSL nickname is linked to your blog you are good to go. If your name is not linked, but you have a blog drop an email to support or a comment here, and I will get you linked up.

Quailfied for Tournament of Champions ($150 Min. Added)

Rtrizzle, AlCan'tHang, bonds

Top Scores of the Season ($175 Added)

RTrizzle 142.3 (Week 1)

AlCantHang 139.7 (Week 2)

Carmine316 135.4 (Week 2)

Blinders Dead Money in TOC Pool

$20 so far.

Points Leaders ($175 Added)

AlCantHang 192.50
RTrizzle 171.38
Buffalo66 155.42
bonds 137.59
Big Pirate 118.22
Miami Don 101.93
I Am Legion 88.68
carmine316 87.65
Joe Speaker 86.81
Capybara Carnival 86.70
Canable 82.90
Schaubs 82.38
D-Train 71.56
Kaiseroll13 71.09
Blinders 68.33
pokernut0826 67.15
Resino 62.52
kinnehboo 61.97
Madden 48.42
only1calvary 46.85
cyandle 44.31
DARTHraider 44.21
Turf Toes 43.82
PachucaSunrise 41.32
JayP 37.37
SHaMRoCKeD 35.78
tw 35.35
bayne_s 33.13
Stop Sign 32.65
Bobby262626 32.52
love_elf 31.33
jek187 30.03
Muffins 29.22
Zeem 28.44
lakewoods 28.44



At 12:09 PM, Blogger Southern Trespass said...

Blinders - Big fan of both Pauly's and your blog. Question on the Blogger Battle last week, Resino and I tied for 2nd last week with 120.4 points each (in fact, we both picked the same exact teams). How is 2nd place determined? More interested in the points, as I'm currently in 2nd.

Keep up the good work.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

You should have both been credited with 3rd place battle points. I will add 8.38 battle points with the next leaderboard update. The spreadsheet I am using does not deal with ties property, so thanks for catching that. Ties for cash prizes on FSL are pooled and divided equally.


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