Sunday, November 18, 2007

Schaubs takes Down Week 11 of the BFFB

Schaubs put up a huge score of 172.1 to take down week 11 of the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle, and earn a seat in the TOC. I once again put up a solid score and I have now taken over the overall lead. I already knew I was better at poker than most, and now it is becoming clear I may be the best at Fantasy Football as well. Don't worry, I am not eligible for any of the added prizes so the top three over all prizes may end up going to places two through four. Also the added prizes are only for bloggers. For the highest weekly scores (all achieved in week 2), I am removing two of the leaders who are not bloggers, and replacing with the next highest scores. Please send me a link if I am mistaken here. Schaubs now has the second best (qualifying) weekly score in the BFFB, and Chipper Sports has moved into third. Below are the updated season standings, and results from this week. Another $36 has been donated to the TOC pool with my contest win this week, and we are now solidly over the $150 minimum added for the TOC.

Qualified for Tournament of Champions

Blinders Deadmoney in TOC Pool So Far ($150 Min)

Top three fantasy scores of the season ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)
1 Jek187 186.9 (Week 2)
2 Schaubs 172.1 (Week 11)
3 ChipperSports 163.7 (Week 7)

Week 11 BFFB Results

BFFB Leaderboard (Top 3 get $100/$50/$25)
Blinders 460.36
jek187 453.08
Miami Don 387.18
ebk03001 337.28
love_elf 330.00
jmathewson_III 317.18
HermWarfare 312.57
bonds 312.39
bayne_s 296.00
ChipperSports 286.14
Zeem 270.74
Big Pirate 252.70
lifesagrind 231.51
Bobby Bracelet 211.46
Schaubs 203.01
Joe Speaker 194.30
DonkeyPuncher 193.59
Chico's Bail Bonds 180.58
Chewbot 163.89
Alpo_Splatr 163.23
Madden 158.49
scurvydog 155.03
Otis 140.00
23skidoo 137.46
mclarich 132.43
Smokkee 117.77
Dr. Pauly 111.78
Mcguyver 108.28
LTLover 105.64
Instant Tragedy 71.13
pwnage1 71.09
DrizzDJ 65.98
StB 61.95
Metaltoad 61.26
Digger 60.32
Family Guy 59.48
Bad Ass Mofo 52.24
funnyshoes 50.07
Canable 48.56
meansdude 45.85
wwonka 42.65
PokahDave 39.65
Bill Belicheat 38.00 34.34
Flick 31.50
BG 31.15
Lounge9 30.71
TripJax 29.92
shnikies 29.43
Trama 0.00
FallStaff 0.00
Red Ryder 0.00
FFGoat 0.00
Mookie 0.00
Al Can't Hang 0.00
SirFWALGMan 0.00



At 10:49 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Wuu huu!


At 4:08 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

I'm not know for my spelling, and like spell check catches "Schaubs' anyway. I fixed it, and very nice job this week. One of the highest scores all year.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

I'm addicted.

And now that I am an affiliate, I'm even more addicted!

Hockey is great!

if I ever decide to cash out some of this before I tilt it away, I guess a Fult Tilt transfer will be the only way to go.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

You can cash out by check anytime. Looks like you are starting to do pretty well. The games are pretty soft right now me thinks.


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