Tuesday, September 08, 2009

2009 Blogger Fantasy Football Battle

For 2009 we decided to roll the Blogger Fantasy Football Battle into the Sundays with Dr. Pauly promotion at FantasySportsLive.com. An extra $250 in bonus cash for bloggers only will be added to the existing $500 in bonus cash available to everyone. Last year you could enter both the Blogger Battle and Sundays with Dr. Pauly for $11 each and compete for $1,000 in extra cash. This year you just need to enter the one $11 Sunday's with Dr Pauly league to become eligible for up to $750 in added bonus cash in addition to our standard 91%+ payouts. There were several reasons for the change this year. The blogger battle had become less exclusive in it's second year with more non-bloggers than bloggers competing. There are also a bunch of bloggers who regularly compete in Sunday's with Dr. Pauly, but not in the blogger battle. This way we actually get more bloggers competing for the title, while reducing the work required to run and track both promos. The blogger battle payouts are set up so that bonus cash can be won by entering a SWDP league any weekend. Bloggers can get $75/$50/$25 in bonus cash for the highest weekly score of the series and this can be won in a single weekend. In addition if it is the highest score overall (including non-bloggers) $100/$50/$25 can also be won. A lucky blogger who played just one weekend and nailed the high score would win $175 in bonus cash, and gain entry into the blogger TOC. A bonus cash summary is shown below. See the FSL blog for complete details.

$500 added for all users

$100/$50/$25 - Top three weekly scores of series
$125 - Added to TOC (Beat Pauly's score three straight weeks)
$125 - Added to Super TOC (Win a 5 week series)
$75 - $25 prize for each 5 week series winner.

$250 added for sports or gaming bloggers

$75/$50/$25 - Top three weekly blogger scores of series
$100 - Added to Blogger TOC* ($75 for 1st, $25 for second)

*Bloggers can gain entry into the TOC by having the highest blogger score in a 5 week series, having the highest individual blogger fantasy score during the series, having a top 5 blogger overall fantasy total over the 15 weeks, or by beating Pauly's score for three straight weeks.

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