Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wake Up and Smell the Roses Obama

It is getting pretty interesting watching this train wreck of a presidency. Obama is quite the campaigner, but leadership is not one of his strong points. He is still in campaign mode, but if he does not wake up, he may go down as the worst president in American history. His popularity is dropping off of a cliff, because he is pushing polices and bills that the the vast majority of Americans do not want. Don't you realize that if you ram through unpopular policies, it makes you unpopular? Obama should know better. Lets look at three foolish things that he is currently trying to push through against the will of the American people.


67% of Americans surveyed do not like this bill, and do not want it to go through. Keep pushing this one at your own peril.

Torture of Terrorists

71% of Americans surveyed support full on torture of terrorists if it will reveal information that saves American lives. I am not talking about water boarding which by the way is still not torture in the U.S.A. (Just cause Obama calls it that does not make it so). If Obama wants to prosecute the interrogators that got actionable intelligence that saved American lives via legally water boarding three high value terrorists, he is simply going to piss off the vast majority of Americans. Obama's initial stance was that no actionable intelligence was obtained, but it is clear now that that is not true, and hundreds if not thousands of American lives were saved. Going after these guys is a huge blow to the CIA which kept us safe for the 8 years since 9/11, and makes America much more vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Obama's stance that he would rather see thousands of innocent Americans die, vs. water boarding a captured terrorist who planned the 9/11 attacks, has got to be one of the worst political calculations ever.

The Afghanistan War

57% of Americans (including me) want the war in Afghanistan to end. Obama really likes the Afghanistan war for some reason, and has already sent in a "surge" of troops with more planned. We went in there originally to displace the Taliban that was allowing Al-Qaeda to train on their lands. This has already happened, and Al-Qaeda has moved on to Pakistan and elsewhere. I am not sure what we are currently trying to accomplish now, or how we will know when the war is won. The whole thing just seems pointless, and it is puzzling that a passivist like Obama continues to push this policy. We could simply pull out right now, and leave behind a bunch of predator drones to drop bombs on the bad guys risk free.



At 6:53 PM, Blogger VinNay said...

I wish 100% of Blinders would source his statistics.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Graeme said...

OK, time to unsubscribe... this used to be a pretty good poker blog, now its just continual whining about US politics.

*yawn* nothing to see here, move along.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

OK Vinay you got me. Stats can lie, and I am just repeating some stuff that I had seen in the last day or two, and may not have worded it perfect. I would still say that all three are unpopular just about anyway you slice/survey them with the general public and that's the point.


Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't play enough poker to blog much about it. Changed the direction here a while back vs. killing it. If onlibe was fully legal agian things would change.


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