Friday, September 24, 2010

Five and Seven

The Daily Fantasy Baseball phase of my challenge has come to a close and I am sitting at 5-7. My plan going in was to "hold my own" in the fantasy baseball part of the challenge, and I can say that I met that objective despite starting out a horrible 1-5. I lost a bunch of close ones along the way, and could easily see myself at 6-6 or better right now if I caught a break or two. Buffalo66 did outscore me over the 12 leagues so he should get all the credit for his 7-5 start and for being better at fantasy baseball than me. Mathematically, fantasy baseball has a lot to offer a numbers guy like myself, but the variance is very high, the version offered at the site we play at is pretty horrible, and I am not a big baseball fan. I am very glad that it is over, and will not be playing anymore fantasy baseball for a while, thank God.

We will be starting fantasy football in Week 4, and that I am looking forward to. I feel I have an advantage in football, and will need to start building a lead prior to the basketball/hockey portion of the challenge. I still think this thing is going to go down to the wire, and my chances are still pretty good having moved past one of my worst fantasy sports.

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