Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogger Fantasy Football Battle Update

Some more info on the blogger fantasy football battle (BFFB) that starts September 9th on

I think I am getting close to nailing the structure. This thing looks to be pretty big and I will give you an idea of who is already in, and who is likely to play so far at the bottom of this post.

First of all this will be MTT style Fantasy Football which has never really been done before, and would not be possible the way traditional fantasy football is operated. The reason we can do this is that you will not maintain a fantasy team throughout the season, but simply draft a team for each Sunday's games. Each week, each entry will be able to draft from the same fantasy draft pool using the same draft method, and under the same salary/rank restrictions as all other players. This is truly a level playing field each and every week, and allows us to apply an apples to apples comparison of all entries and treat it like an MTT. The best draft for that Sunday's games get the most points, period. The luck element is minimized, and this will be a great way to find out who's best at fantasy football.

So each week we will run 10-player fantasy leagues with "BFFB" in the title. The league will cost $10 and pay out $90 in prizes. The prizes can be $50/$25/$15 or a more flat $40/$30/$20 for first through third place. So each week you pay the $10 fee and compete for $90 in prizes in a 10 player league. On average this will cost $170 to enter all 17 weeks, and you will win back $153 (on average) for a total cost of $17 which is very comparable to a low end season long contest. I will pull out each of the blogger scores from these leagues and compile them for the weeks results. The leagues will form in real time starting Monday. A new one will automatically form when one fills up until Sunday morning. You can pick and choose when you jump into a league during the week if you have a favorite blogger you would like to compete directly against.

After I compile the results, I will publish them here, with points awarded by the PokerStars MTT leaderboard formula for the top 50% of fantasy scores that week. I will also keep track of the three highest individual weekly scores posted during the contest. Winners of any individual week will also earn a seat in the Fantasy Football Tournament of Champions to be held during the 1st week of the playoffs.

Overall the top three point Leaders will win a $100/$50/$25 bonus

The three highest individual weekly scores (for the season) will win a $100/$50/$25 bonus

Any funds that I win during the 17 weeks are forfeited into the Tournament of Champions Prize pool. If I totally suck, FSL will add enough funds to get this pool up to $150 minimum. Winners from each week get entry into the tournament of champions. You may not win a second entry.

OK, so far that is $500 in bonus money, minimum.

All first time depositors on FSL will also receive an instant deposit bonus when clicking through an ad or using a valid bonus code when opening an account. You can use "Blinders" or click through on my ad, or use any other FSL affiliate's bonus code or ad. You will get $30 for a $200 deposit, $20 for a $100 deposit, or $10 for a $50 deposit. Bonus funds are immediately credited to your account, and can be used to enter the BFFB contests. If you make a $200 deposit, you can freeroll the first three events, and if you don't like it you can withdraw your full deposit amount.

One thing that should be really cool about this, is that peoples schedules will not get in the way. You can register/draft at any time between Monday and Sunday morning, and can update your draft at anytime prior to the start of the contest (1PM Eastern, Sunday). You also do not need to be there when the contest runs. Because of this many of our favorite bloggers who could not participate in the BBT should be able to be there every week for this one. Another cool thing is that unlike regular fantasy football, you can skip a few weeks with little punishment. Even people who only play a handful of events can get a seat in the TOC or win the high individual score prize, so I think there is something for everyone here. No need to RSVP, but drop a comment if you are committed to supporting the first annual BFFB.

The following bloggers have already confirmed

Dr. Pauly
Joe Speaker

The following bloggers already have Fantasy Sports Live accounts and are expected to play

21 Out Twice
Donkey Puncher
Instant Tragedy
the Luckbox
Bobby Bracelet
Poker Enthusiast
Iron Girl
Poker Chronicles

The following bloggers are waffling for some unknown reason, but I know we can convince them to play.

Miami Don

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At 9:59 AM, Blogger Chad C said...

Ohhhh, I am expected to play? OK, I am a sucker, where do I sign?

At 12:03 PM, Blogger John G. Hartness said...

I'm so very in.

At 6:10 PM, Blogger jremotigue said...

Oh good God I can't wait to win this mofo.

Yeah, I'm in bitches!


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