Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RIP GameDayDraft and FantasySportsExchange

Two more competitors have disappeared recently. Game Day Draft which was the first site to launch under the UIGEA exemption no longer exists. They launched with a confusing web site and a strange pick from player pools structure. They were also located off-shore in Costa Rica which seems a bit shady for a "legal" fantasy sports site.  They tried to reinvent themselves by copying our contest lobby, but their site continued to be a confusing mess, and they have finally thrown in the towel.  RIP Game Day Draft.

Fantasy Sports Exchange was a sister site to the large offshore sports book World Sports Exchange. They launched about 5 months after us, and clearly used our site as a basis for building their daily fantasy sports site.  They threw a ton of money at the software and did a pretty good job with it.  I told our partners after they launched that our site would look and function very similar to theirs if we had an unlimited software budget.  Their draft interface was more advanced than ours at launch, and we copied some of the things that they did to get to where we are now with FSL's draft interface.  Since I can't win prizes at Fantasy Sports Live, I have had my eyes out for a similar site where I could play at and Fantasy Sports Exchange was the best I have seen.  Unfortunately, they are an offshore sports book so they can't be funded by PayPal or credit card. I have not had a way to fund offshore accounts since the UIGEA passed, so there was no way for me to open and fund an account with them.  They also did not attempt to fully comply with the UIGEA because they did not need to, leaving them with a fantasy sports gambling site per U.S. law.  I think the account funding issues are what ultimately killed them. Why play at an offshore sports book when you could play on a legal U.S. site like ours. RIP Fantasy Sports Exchange.

It appears from the rumblings around that interweb that both companies are making it hard for players to get funds out, which is unfortunate.  It leaves people with a bad taste in their mouths for daily fantasy sports.  Fantasy Sports Live is here to stay though, and we welcome any users from GDD of FSE who would like to play daily fantasy sports on a site that is here to stay. With the departure of GameDayDraft, FantasySportsExchange, InstantFantasySports, and DraftMix from the scene, we are left with just SnapDraft as a major competitor, and a handful of smaller copycat sites with little to no traffic.  None of our competition is over a year old now. Our fees are less than 1/2 the fees at SnapDraft, and our structures and transparency is much, much better than theirs.  If you want to profit from fantasy sports, we are now the only game in town as Snap Draft is more of a lottery style site that can't be beaten long term.  Our decision to profitably grow the company has been key.  We are no Facebook.  We have a solid business model and are already profitable giving us staying power for the long haul.  Check out Fantasy Sports Live if you are ready to profit long-term from your sports knowledge.

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At 12:48 PM, Blogger The Owner said...

you should try

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Howard said...

Being the founder of that was the worst description of what really happened. We were the first on the scene and all others copied our idea. Unfortunately for us we didn't have themoney for the proper programmers and were never able to accoplish what we envisioned from day 1. Secondly we were not from Costa Rica. We never copied any site and certainly not yours!!!!


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