Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Early BBT4 Thoughts

I was really looking forward to the BBT4 as a way to start playing more blonkaments and poker in general.  I wanted to take a shot at playing most of them and see where that would put me.  Reality is starting to set in.  The timing of the blonkaments always has been and always will be horrible for me.  It falls right in the middle of “Family Time” where I am supposed to be helping the kids with homework or having dinner.  If I try to play during this time, I need to secure permission before hand, and deal with the stress of trying to play poker with the wife staring at me like I am committing some sort of crime against the family.  Asking for permission to play the regular Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday schedule is pretty much a non-starter.  There is no way I would get it, and I would probably get into trouble for even asking.  So I figured I would play a few of the MTTs in the first week to see if I had the kind of momentum to justify even asking to play them all.  Let’s just say it has not worked out so far.  In the big game, I ran AA into KK early for a double up, and then ran KK into AA later for a middle exit.  Those are the breaks.  I skipped the Riverchasers.  Last night I played the skillz game.  Let’s just say I have no skillz at Stud, and only slightly more then none at stud high low.  I played pretty decent I would say, but never built up much of anything.  With about 60% of the field gone a picked up (QQ)T, and no Ks or As showing.  Someone opened to T400, and I raised, committing my smallish stack to this hand.  I got reraised, and then capped it with 90% of my stack in on the first betting round.  I would get it all in on the next round, and was against (AA)x.  I am not sure if that was an amateur move or what.  I just figured it was late, and I needed to take a stand right there, being only behind a hidden AA, KK or trips.  I got a lot of static from the wife for my play last night, so no way I can play the Mookie tonight. With the way the bonus prize structure is there is not a ton of incentive to play them all, other than the extra chances you get for a win.  All I can do is play in a few where I think I have the best chance of winning outright.  This would be the ones with the smaller fields.  Big Game or Skillz where I feel I have some sort of edge (Razz, HORSE or Pot/ Limit Holdem).  I might also check out how many play on the brit game to see if I should try there.  My chances don’t look good.  I will probably play in less than 20 blonkaments total during the series with an average field of 70+.  That gives my about a 1/3 shot at the TOC with above average play.        

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