Monday, February 02, 2009

Cha Ching!

Thank you Zona!  I made a decent killing on a the Superbowl.  I would have made a ton more, but I am stuck with retarded Bodog as my only sports book.  I almost headed out to Vegas at the last minute to get some better lines to chose from.  Bodog opened the game at Pittsburgh -7.  By game time you needed to lay -130 to get Arizona +7.  I would have loved to take Arizona -6.5 instead, but it was not possible with Bodog.  So I was a bit limited by cash on hand in my Bodog account, and being stuck with their crappy line and moneyline odds.  Ultimately, I would get my entire Bodog balance in action, and came close to doubling it up.  I did not get the moneyline win, but I had Arizona and the over parlayed which offset that to some extent.

The game went pretty much as I had predicted, with Pittsburgh's offense not being able to put up enough points to cover a 7 point spread.  The key play being the INT returned for a TD at the end of the first half.  That was a 10 or a 14 point swing to the spread, and a play like that can absolutely crush your chances.  Arizona was game though, and shook it off to take a late lead that locked down their side against the spread.  I also thought that Arizona's decision to defer the opening kickoff, was a huge mistake.  Not sure what they were thinking there.  Put your strength on the field first, and grab some early momentum.  Deciding to kick-off first, gave Pittsburgh the early momentum for the entire 1st quarter, and made it a much tougher game to win.  The zebras seemed to be favoring Pitt as usual.  Three bad calls were overturned in Zona's favor.  They missed an excessive celebration call on Pitts final TD that was obvious and would have been huge for Zona's field position.  They also did not even review the fumble on Warner's last play that was questionable at best.

Overall, I say Arizona covers the spread in that game 8 or 9 times out of 10 tries.  Looking at the boxscore, Arizona showed up with the better defense than Pitt's so called #1 D, and were huge on the run defense as expected.  Props to Big Ben for stepping up and getting it done late. Also huge props to Warner, who should be in the hall of fame now.  He has the best three Superbowl performances in history by a QB.  Its not really his fault that he has had to do it all himself without much help.  He made one mistake the entire game, (a huge one), but still brought his team back for a chance at a win.

Hope everyone enjoys their second farm!       



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