Thursday, September 04, 2008

What to do about Bodog?

After reading up on all that has happened at Bodog, I guess things are not looking so great. Since I have been burned in the past, I reacted similar to Smokkee and requested to cash out most of my funds. Eight freekin weeks by courier for the check. That is not a good sign at all. I left $200 in my account figuring the beginner S&Gs are such ultra low variance that I can just build my roll back up playing them without much risk of going broke. What I forgot about is that Bodog is also my only sports book with funds, and football season starts this weekend. I did not leave close to enough in the account to cover the variance associated with football betting. I could go busto! Since I have not had a deposit method for getting close to two years now this is a problem. I need to build the roll up quick to get some padding in place for my balla like football betting. I don’t like betting too much for the first couple of weeks, so this gives me a bit of time to hit the beginner S&Gs and rebuild the roll.

The 8 week cash out delay is pretty scary. I am actually hoping that this is simply an issue with them staying a step ahead of the feds. They had a ton of funds seized recently. They may need to play a shell game of sorts with bank accounts to get the checks to go through unsiezed. At least this is my hope. I am not ready to give up sports betting just yet so hang in the Bodog! Anyone out there use a U.S. friendly sportsbook?

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At 12:27 PM, Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Stupid Bill Frist!

If you find one, let me know!


At 1:54 PM, Blogger $mokkee said...

haven't tried it yet but thats where a lot of old Bodog employees ended up.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Buffalo66 said...

I would check out, a lot of 2+2 punters use it.

I used it before the UIGEA and I would trust my funds there. They did have MG deposit, not sure if they still do.


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