Friday, June 27, 2008

Early Bodog Beginner S&G Results

Above are my results through my first 30 $16+1.60 Bodog Beginner Sit and Goes. These S&Gs pay the top 5 $48/$40/$32/$24/$16. As I expected I am just crushing these things.

Trials = 30
Entry Fees = $528
Prizes = $792
Hours Played (3x utilization)= 10
ROI = 50%
ITM = 77%
Hourly Win Rate = $26.40

I basically played these things 3 at a time for about (10) one hour+ sessions, and never lost money during any of the sessions. This is the LOWEST variance poker that I can imagine, and though I guess I was running good, I think I can keep this up as I get more used to the structure (6 "I"s in that last sentence, count em). The players on bodog are not so great BTW which probably helps. The interesting thing about the graph is the spike at 8th place, and the small amount of bubble activity (5th + 6th Places). I think when I am getting no where in these things, I tend to take my first major stand at around the time 8 players are typically left. In most cases I don't need to do this, but when I do, I double up, and cruise through the bubble, or get knocked out in 8th. The bubbles in these things are pretty easy, as you can see by just a single bubble finish in 30 attempts. If you can stay north of T1000 in chips you will never be threatened by the blinds before the bubble bursts. If you have chips at bubble time, you can easily abuse the shorties, but if you don't you just wait for somebody to donk out. The bubble simply can't last because in a 10P S&G with 6 left there are just not enough chips in play as the blinds push up to the 75/150 level. They drop fast at this level even though if you got T1000 in chips you can go another 20+ hands. Once the bubble breaks, It all depends on my chip stack. If I am low and there are other shorties low, I just let them donk out first to get a profit. If I got chips, I start playing for the win by 4 handed. I think this is why I so rarely finish 5th. It does not take much work to book the actual profit by holding out just a bit after the bubble bursts. I just got 4 wins over the 30 trials which is decent, but not great. By starting three at about the same time, if I get heads-up it will be on the last table open, and we will be only playing for $8 at that point ($48 or $40). Its pretty easy for me to just force the issue and get things over with vs. grinding down the other player. If I was playing these in longer continuous sessions, I think I would focus a bit more on getting the win through more patient heads-up play.

The best thing about the beginner S&Gs is that you book a win almost every single session. That's something that you can't do at all playing MTTs, and cash games can have huge variance as well. Its nice to know when you sit down for a session, that's its just going to be about how much you win, not if you will win.



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