Thursday, June 12, 2008

Calling Hoyazo Out As a Scumbag Cheat

When I read Hoy’s post about how he cheated all of the bodonky entries by playing under a false “persona” and not as himself I was appalled. I was really going to rip into him in the comments, but figured he would just delete it like I know he already has to other negative comments on that post.

Let’s just face the facts here. What Hoy did was unethical, and he is nothing but a scumbag cheat for it. Same goes for all of his backers. I would really like to know who the fuck his backers were so I can avoid playing poker with them in the future as well. I don’t give a shit if Hoy wants to describe the whole thing as fun and games. What he did was complete bullshit, and if this happened in the good ole days, they would have shot him dead at the table for doing it. Since we can’t shoot him dead, at least we can out him for the scumbag cheat that he is.

Every other blogger in the bodonky did not attempt to hide their true identity. Hoy chose to hide his. While this was not technically “multi-accounting”, he got to earn all the ill gains from multiaccounting, from his supposed cyber friends (other poker bloggers). Hiding your identity is an advantage, period. You can read up on 2+2 or other forums about multiaccounting in MTTs and the advantage that is gained by it. Hoy also violated the terms of the bodonkey by not linking to a blog that was three months old. For this alone they should have DQed him from the TOC. I was amazed that they let him play it. Had he won, the shit would have really hit the fan.

Hoy cheated his fellow bloggers who played in the Bodonkey. He cheated Bodog, and to top it off, he created a blog where he (or his backers) did nothing but rip on fellow bloggers anonymously. I did not read the ICheatBloggers Blog, but Hoy was quick to get it deleted when this all started to come out. Why would he do that if he was not ashamed of what he did?

1) He cheated his fellow poker bloggers.

Hoy gained an advantage by hiding his true identity from the other players. No other player in the bodonkey had this advantage. When he talks about the $900 or so he won for the series, this is money that was essentially stolen from the other players in the Bodonkey and from Bodog as well. The T$ added to the MTT are for bloggers, not for “personas” hiding their identity from the other players. Also, bodog should get some sort of publicity from adding T600 to every Bodonkey. They don’t get that when a player who wins $900 refuses to mention this on their actual blog, because they are too busy cheating at poker.

2) He cheated Bodog.

Thanks Hoy for killing the golden goose. Bodog is generous enough to add T600 to each MTT and T12000+ to the TOC. All they want in return is for the bloggers who play in the MTTs to mention Bodog, like they would any other site they play on. Hoy always talks about the blogger MTTs on his blog, but never mentioned the Bodonkey, because that would limit his ability to cheat his fellow poker bloggers. Had people actually known Hoy was playing in the bodonkey, it would have been more popular with more weekly entries. People love to knock hoy out on a bad play and get a rant. Bodog adds the bonus to pump up the MTT. Hoys little scheme denied bodog of the extra players they deserved, and greatly reduced the chances that they will continue to be generous with us. Thanks a fucking lot Hoy.

3) He got to rip on his fellow bloggers anonymously

This had to be the gheyest thing about the whole scam. To add insult to injury, on top of cheating poker bloggers and bodog out of cash, he also got to rip apart the play of the other bloggers in a completely anonoumous way via a fake blog. Real classy their Hoy. Oh, but he actually deleted some of the worst posts, and has now deleted the whole thing, and acts like he did us a favor for this. Sorry, why not do as a favor by not cheating us in the first place. And if you want to rip on another blogger, be a man and do it in your own blog like I am right now.

What Hoy (and the others if they exist) did was inexcusable. It was not funny. It was cheating. It’s not the first time Hoy has lowered his ethical standards for personal gain at the expense of poker bloggers. In the BBT2, he controlled the MATH one of the main MTTs. After running bad for a while, he decided to use his power to manipulate the structure of the MATH to his advantage (something only Himself, Mookie, Al, or Don could have done). He switched the format to 6-max where he holds an advantage. The other hosts did not change a thing. There were not a bunch of complaints back then because Hoy was running so bad, no amount of cheating would help him. I actually thought that ICheatBloggers was Hoy during the Bodonkey, because he was the only blogger I was aware of who would stoop to such low levels.

So where do we go from here. I personally will boycott the MATH from now on, because I prefer to not play with poker cheats. I know Hoy is a big IMer, and with low ethical standards it is just a matter of time before he starts using this to his advantage as well (assuming that he is already not manipulating IM to his advantage). I would suggest others boycott the MATH as well. I would like to see his coconspirators named immediately. Just come forward and out yourself if you have any class at all. I would like to see all of the ill-gained winnings from the bodonkey distributed to the bloggers who did not cheat during the bodonkey in some way. It is absolutely not fair for him to keep any of the winnings after cheating us. He will of course argue that he would have won a similar amount had he played as himself. Well if you played as yourself then keep the prizes. If you cheated into the prizes, then give them back. I would like to see Hoy make a sincere apology for all of this to the poker bloggers. I would like to see hoy make a sincere apology to Bodog and smokkee who worked their asses off to put this together under the assumption bloggers would play fair. I sincerely doubt that any of the above will happen. I simply can’t understand why Hoy would do this, and think it was ok. I really would prefer to not associate with these types of people. Luckily IMO this is the exception and not the rule, but I am very interested in who the co-conspirators were in this case. They are equally scummy IMO, and I can’t believe none of them thought that this scam was wrong. Poker is full of low life scumbags, and I was under the illusion that our little group was above all this. This illusion is now shattered.

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At 10:53 AM, Blogger Weak Player said...

I don't care enough to look, but were those deleted posts captured by the Wayback Machine?

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Easycure said...

So much for old school bloggers having just a little fun playing poker.

You throw serious money out there and some people start acting stupid. Cheating & angling for a couple of WSOP seats is such bullshit.

Next thing you know, people will start stealing chips on a 2-4 mixed table game full o' bloggers at the IP.

Some bloggers have become plain embarrassing to the rest of us.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger lucko said...

LOL @ the title. Its not the first time Hoy has shown his true colors and it won't be the last either. Most people are dumb tho and will continue to give him the benefit of the doubt for some reason or another.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

1. who didn't know that it was Hoy?
2. why would he have to disclose who he is? Did you know who GoldenHammer was? Did you know Donkette was someone else? it's a different site and anyone can chose any name they want.
3. there was no requirement to have a 3 month old blog and anyone can create a blog and alter the dates. Look at my blog, it's 33 years old!
4. I don't think Hoy is a cheat for doing what he did. I think it wasn't very nice, the way he slammed "fake internet "friends"" (wow is a double quote like a double negative?), but if you don't care for him and his massively inflated ego in the first place, why would you care about that anyway?
5. who cares?

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Mondogarage said...

I'm not sure I'd go as far as calling it cheating other players, because there is absolutely nothing requiring anyone to play under the same name at every site.

However, Hoy definitely cheated Bodog out of its earned goodwill and recognition, by not discussing his play in the series on his own blog, which is much more widely read than ICheatBloggers ever was.

Bodog went way over and above by adding so many $T every week, never mind the final TOC prizes, and was certainly entitled to have its series put on for bloggers pimped on those blogs, or at least discussed after the fact.

I think the real victims here are Bodog and the greater blogger community, but I can't go so far as to say he cheated, per se. But every act like this does lessen the community in some way, though the narcissists won't be able to see it through the haze of self-importance.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger $mokkee said...

how do you really feel?

i think this is a bit (WAY) over the top.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Buddy Dank said...

I also think this is a bit over the top. But as memory serves me you did not out yourself in the beginning as to what name you were playing under. Yes it was only 2 weeks in but was it cheating on your part to not inform the rest of us until after you won?

Yes it was not for a WSOP thingy but quite honestly I didn't know LJ's name on Bodog til last week. I just think this is getting blown way out of proportion.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

Just to be clear, I have had the "whatsthenutz" handle on bodog since they launched poker a couple years back. "Blinders" was taken. Obviously people play under different names at different sites. The MTT buddy mentions was before the ME series, and was the first bodonkey I played in. While I did let people try to guess my identity at the time, I did reveal it during the MTT and in the post you mention. If you did not ask who someone was, that is your own problem, but if someone asked you, and you refused to out yourself than you are cheating your fellow poker bloggers. Hoy is the only one who did this.

This all goes to intentention. Nobody but, Hoy intended to cheat in the bodonkey. There is no reason for him to play under a "False Persona" except to hide his identity, and take the gains that come with it. I don't buy the fun and games BS for a second. I also am starting to be convinced that he did it completely on his own. Read some of those long winded posts on ICheatBloggers, and its pretty obvious its Hoy. (see smokkee for archives)

These are my honest opinions. I am concidering just killing my blog as this is not much fun anymore. There was a sense of community at one time, but it just a clicky mess now, and not really worth it. I honestly could not sleep the last few nights because not only did what Hoy do upset me, the fact that he has no problem with any of it makes it much worse. I don't feel that I was personally harmed by any of this, because I can beat Hoy as himself or any other made up persona he wants to play under. If Bodog ratchets back the bonus funds which I expect, I am harmed though.

As for Kaja.

1) I don't know af anyone who was certian ICheatBloggers was Hoy.

2) I don't care if somebody new like golden hammer plays, but I do care if it is somebody I do know who will not admit it.

3) I thought there were terms like that when signing up for the ME series, but may be wrong.

4) It is clear to any blogger that has been around for a while that this is concidered cheating. Just go back to the final WPBT event a couple years back when Jordan swapped accounts with GCox and won the event. It was a massive controversy, and this over a single $10 buyin MTT with no extra prizes. Hoy did basically the same thing, but for 4 months straight, and with much/much more at stake. Hoy knows better, and tryed his best to kept this whole thing a secret if it was possible.

5) I personally do not want to waste what little time I have for poker to play with a known cheat. Others probably feel the same. While others will defend Hoy to the death. Like I said this is not the firsat time I have questiond his ethics. I have more dirt as well that I choose to keep to myself.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger lj said...

i disagree with you about it being unethical for him to choose a different handle and not disclose his identity. i chose mine for different reasons, but i didn't exactly publicize my participation in bodog, and i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

i first thought crushbloggers could be hoy when he absolutely butchered a description of how i busted one week, but just figured it was some random asshole who wanted to start some shit.

i think it's weird that he did that, i think it's weird that he talked about himself on the blog (and praised his own play) and it makes him look like a huge ass. just not sure it makes him an unethical ass.

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole thread of though is so freaking ghey. Dude, try some decafe, it's just as tastey

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Wwonka said...


I am not a Fan of what Hoy Did, I have more a problem with him taking anonymous shots at other bloggers than him playing under a new name and hiding his Identity. You want to take cheap shots then do it out in the open not pretending to be someone else.

the Donkey Show.

At 8:00 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

I am Poker Champ.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger PokahDave said...

Doesn't everybody realize that Hoy covets 'the most hated blogger' prize more than any other????? LOL


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