Monday, November 26, 2007

Pauly Tanks Again, Jek187 Wins, Leaderboard Tight

After, a solid start Pauly's fantasy football numbers have gone way south in Sunday's with Dr. Pauly on Fantasy Sports Live. If you had a pulse this week, it was likely you would be getting your TOC seat, or adding to a streak that would get you one eventually. Jek187 had the best score of the 35 entries. The leaderboard is getting tight at the top, and their is still time to stake your claim to the added prizes. Results and an update leaderboard are shown below.

Qualified for TOC
Bobby Bracelet , RTrizzle, ebk03001, Chewbot, bonds, Mattazuma, jek187, Expensive Wino, Pokerpeaker, Big Pirate, KenB25, Proehl, DrizzDJ, Mark, PokahDave, VinNay, HermWarfare, bayne_s, Zeem, Betty Underground, johnnieb, 23skidoo

Two Week Streak Vs. Pauly (TOC Seat for 3 Straight)

Sundays With Dr. Pauly Leaderboard (Top 35)

RTrizzle 958.3
ebk03001 941.2
bayne_s 898.3
bonds 896.9
HermWarfare 889
Chewbot 870.1
jek187 863.7
Expensive Wino 860.4
Zeem 833.7
Pokerpeaker 833.5
Dr. Pauly 812.2
Big Pirate 792.3
change100 782.5
DrizzDJ 779
BigHeeb91 768.1
Mattazuma 765.6
Proehl 755.7
KenB525 747.9
Betty Underground 746.3
Mark 729.4
jakehead 728.6
Bobby Bracelet 727.8
PokahDave 633.2
VinNay 628.5
Garthmeister J. 619.4
DonkeyPuncher 602.9
Party Matt 602.6
mush237 525.1
belly2bar 524.7
johnnieb 513.4
23skidoo 451.6
scurvydog 424.5
Joe Speaker 408.3
Jevanstar 403.8
Mookie 401.1



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