Monday, November 19, 2007

Mark Wins Week 6 of Sundays, RTrizzle Still in the Lead

Mark bested the field of 39 in this weeks Sundays With Dr. Pauly fantasy football tournament on Rtrizzle remains as the season leader. Dr. Pauly finished in the middle of the pack, so we have some more people qualified for the TOC, and more with a valuable two week streak beating Pauly. Official results are shown below as well as the updated leaderboard.

Qualified for TOC
Bobby Bracelet , RTrizzle, ebk03001, Chewbot, bonds, Mattazuma, jek187, Expensive Wino, Pokerpeaker, Big Pirate, KenB25, Proehl, DrizzDJ, Mark, PokahDave, VinNay

Two Week Streak Vs. Pauly (TOC Seat for 3 Straight)
HermWarfare, bayne_s, Zeem, Betty Underground, johnnieb, 23skidoo

Sundays With Dr. Pauly Leaderboard (Top 30)

RTrizzle 866.3
ebk03001 845.6
HermWarfare 779.9
bonds 777.7
bayne_s 763.9
Expensive Wino 752.8
Chewbot 750.8
Pokerpeaker 738.4
Dr. Pauly 736.8
Zeem 728.9
jek187 728.6
Bobby Bracelet 727.8
Big Pirate 695.2
Mattazuma 688.6
KenB525 683.5
change100 682.1
BigHeeb91 676.1
Mark 669.9
Proehl 656.9
DrizzDJ 655.7
jakehead 645.2
Betty Underground 626.6
Garthmeister J. 619.4
Party Matt 602.6
PokahDave 565.6
VinNay 534.7
mush237 525.1
belly2bar 524.7
DonkeyPuncher 507.6
scurvydog 424.5

Week 6 Sundays With Dr. Pauly Results

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