Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jek187 Takes Down Week 2 of the BFFB

The ranking cap value seemed a bit generous in week 1, so we lowered it 10% to 900 pts for week 2. This in general should have lowered the fantasy scores, but some huge numbers were put up in week 2. Jek187 put up a score of 186.9 to beat 26 other runners for the week 2 title. The week 2 results and overall standings are shown below. The added prizes in the battle are for bloggers only. If you are linked up in the leaderboard you are good to go. Because our contests are public, and we have had overlays the first few weeks, we have had a few non-bloggers jump-in. Just like with the BBT we will factor them in for that weeks scoring, but no bonus prizes. The blogger battle contest will start switching to a 6 player, top 2 paid on the weekends to reduce the overlays, so get in during the week if you want the 10-player version. If for some reason, I don't have you linked up after a week or so, drop your link in the comments.

Winning Fantasy Team
Quarterback C. Palmer CIN 49.0
Wide Receiver S. Smith CAR 33.3
Wide Receiver C. Johnson CIN 32.9
Wide Receiver S. Holmes PIT 5.3
Running Back T. Henry DEN 13.6
Running Back W. McGahee BAL 16.3
Tight End K. Winslow CLE 16.0
Kicker J. Carney JAC 7.0
Defense BAL 13.5

On The Leader Board ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)

1 jek187 174.13
2 lifesagrind 98.50
3 love_elf 79.56
4 Blinders 78.88
5 Madden 73.88
6 23skidoo 67.39
7 Digger 60.32
8 bayne_s 56.87
9 Bad Ass Mofo 52.24
10 Smokkee 49.25
11 wwonka 42.65
12 bonds 40.21
13 Otis 39.49
14 HermWarfare 36.94
15 scurvydog 37.23
16 StB 33.04
17 Flick 31.50
18 BG 31.15
19 Big Pirate 29.70
20 Schuabs 28.98
21 DonkeyPuncher 28.44
22 Dr. Pauly 27.92

Honorable Mention
Joe Speaker
Bobby Bracelet
Red Ryder

Qualified for Tournament of Champions

Blinders Deadmoney in TOC Pool So Far ($150 Min)

Top three fantasy scores of the season ($100/$50/$25 Bonus)
1 Jek187 186.9 (Week 2)
2 Madden 185.3 (Week 2)
3 Digger 184.8 (Week 2)

Week 2 Official Results

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At 4:31 AM, Blogger Wheezy said...

Dead Last, bitches!

Suck on that everybody!!!

Oh wait...

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Drew Brees is garbage.

That was a lot of fun. I'll keep at it and try to make a deposit this week. Hopefully the details match up.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Joe Speaker said...

I've bubbled for points two straight weeks.



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