Thursday, July 26, 2007

Profiting From The FullTilt Shutdown - A Tale of Three MTTs

What a complete joke last night. I totally freakout when my site has the smallest glitch, but we have never came close to a full-on service interruption like that. Well I don't have that kind of traffic level yet I guess. The interesting thing about last night was the money I won without doing a thing.

I have not heard a thing from FT on the matter, but my understanding is that for voided MTTs, you get your money back if you were still alive, plus an even split of the dead money regardless of your stack size (unless MTT was ITM at the time).

So last night I was going to fire up my first poker session since taking down the riverchaser's last week. Nice way to roll into the BBT freeroll coming off a win. But if I was going to dedicate some time to poker, I might as well play a few MTTs, right? So I went ahead and fired up the 2+ rebuy donkfest (to blow off some steam I guess), and the 50/50 (for a big score) while waiting for the BBT to start 1/2 hour later.

I did my best to donk it up in the rebuy. I was in push or fold mode preflop from the beginning. I won a few pots early getting it in ahead, then won a few more getting it in behind. I was openly mocking the table challenging them to play pots with me, unless they were afraid of digging out another $2 to continue. Then they started sucking out on me, and my stack was like a roller coaster. I got down to 1100, and kept pushing to get a rebuy or two in, but kept winning. I got to the break with 2000, and took the add-on. I was in for $6 at that point. Nothing of note happened after the break.

In the 50/50 I got nothing, and folded for the first 45 minutes. Was not very low though because of the structure. Right before the break, I flopped 44x after calling a min raise from the SB with A4s. I won a decent pot and got back to 2k at the break. Nothing of note happened after this.

Early in the BBT, I got called down on a double barreled bluff with three to a flush on board (I had an over + draw to the 2nd nut flush), by another blogger who had an over + 4th nut flush draw. I have no idea how he calls a near pot size bet on the turn against me, but I tend to make people play worse then they should. So I dropped a few chips on that one. I would catch AA on one hand, flop a set a few hands later, but never got paid much. This would leave me around my starting stack.

So then the site basically goes down, though I never lost my connection. They would void these three MTTs. Keep in mind, I am nicely below average in all three MTTs at this point, and in a little trouble except the BBT. So what did I win?

For the 2+ rebuy, there was about 1/3 of the field out. I also was just in for $6, while the average had to be at least $12. I should get my $6 back plus a $8 -$10 profit for this one.

For the 50/50. More than 1/2 the field gone. $55-65 profit.

For the BBT, good question. I would say the field should be reduced to 51 when they re-run it. No second chances after getting eliminated in a freeroll. I would also hope that FT throws a few extra bucks in for screwing up our special event. This one was like a $32 buy-in with 56 entries and 1800 prizes. If the next one is 51 entries and $2000 in the prize pool I just picked up an extra $7 for the BBT as well.

You guys should take notes here. Playing tight gets paid, even if you end up below average an hour or so in to a MTT.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Astin said...

Same sort of thing happened the last time it went down a few weeks ago. I was the 50-50 off a $6 investmen in the $2 rebuy satellite and made a $45 profit for doing nothing. Tournament hadn't even begun.

Best ROI % I've seen in the fifty. :)


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