Monday, July 02, 2007

2/5 NL Cash From a Donk's Perspective

I am going to recap a 2/5 NL hand played at the Bellagio last week, from the Donk's perspective. The cash games at the Bellagio are ridiculously soft, so this is probably the typical thought process. I will also throw in my thoughts on how I would have played the Donk's hand.

Donkey gets dealt 74s in early position.

Donks thoughts: Those cards are suited and practically connected. I have $300 behind so if I hit big, I will get paid big. I will limp.

Blinders thoughts: No fawking way I limp with 74s from EP in a cash game.

Limp, Button raises to $25, BB calls, back to the donk.

Donks thoughts: Now I will get paid off big if I hit. The pot is going to be close to $100 already if I call, and I am suited and practically connected. Easy call.

Blinders thoughts: I can't believed I limped 74s. This is why you don't do that. Hitting 2-pair or better with 74s is a 40-1 shot, and this is a preflop raised pot, so I would expect action on the flop. I don't have nearly enough behind for implied odds to call. I fold.

One more caller, and flop comes all low with two diamonds.

Donks thoughts: Jackpot, I hit my flush draw, that's why you play suited 2 gappers. I will slowplay my monster. Check.

Blinders thoughts: I don't know how I got myself in this position. If the pot was smaller, and there were less than 4 in the pot, I would probably semi-bluff this. The pot is too big though, so I check to see if I get priced in for the draw.

Check, and then button (initial raiser) bets $60. one Fold.

Donks thoughts: If I call the $60, I will have $220 behind. So if I hit my flush, I will get paid off big time. Easy call.

Blinders thoughts: I have a babyflush draw, and I am not priced in for a one card draw to it. I need to assume that the initial raiser will fire again on the turn, and price me out of the river if I miss. Even if I hit, I will need to double through for the implied odds to be there, and they are barely there right now. I could lose to a higher flush even if I hit (or a boat). There is still a player to act behind me as well. Easy fold.

Fold, and now we are heads-up. Turn brings a diamond.

Donks thoughts: I am the best holdem player ever! See how I outplayed the table. All I need to do is get paid now. Push all-in for $220

Blinders thoughts: Well if I was sticking around for the implied odds, I better get them. If I push here, way too many hands fold. I could check and see if button fires again, or I could value bet enough to pot commit the button, and push the river if another diamond does not show. I bet $100.

Button tanks, and is very confused by the betting pattern. Button is having a difficult time putting the donk on the flush, though he could have a set. Button checks his cards, and sees that he still has rockets, and one of them is a diamond. Button was prepared to fold, if no ace of diamonds, but there it is. button has a redraw to the nut flush, if he is behind. Button also has a redraw to the Ace for a set, if donk, has a set. The all-in push when the flush hits is way too suspicious, and there are just too many hands the button is ahead of, to lay this one down. Button calls.

River is a brick, and the donk wins a $660+ pot.

I was the button



At 12:07 PM, Blogger bayne_s said...

But they were suited!

At 12:29 PM, Blogger F-Train said...

So, this was really just a slightly disguised bad beat story? You owe me a dollar.

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

I would pay you F-Train, but it is not really a bad beat. I got my money in behind and lost. More of a bad play based on a bad read then a bad beat.

2/5 NL at Belaggio = .10/.25 NL on FullTilt. Wish I remembered how to beat that game, but it has been soooo long.


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