Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bonus Challenge Update

It's Saturday morning, and I have cleared $75.28 in bonus, and won $315.65 at the tables for a total profit of about $391. I am running pretty well, so the profit target of $1,000 seems very reachable. 1376 hands at this point is not a high enough pace to clear the entire bonus, but it is close. I am also falling a little behind the goal of 3ooo FTPs in a week for the WSOP ME freeroll. I will either pick up the pace this week, or try to clear the freeroll and bonus next week. The biggest issue I am having is getting on three good tables at a time. I am loosening up my table requirements slightly to get some hands in, but I hate doing this. There have been a few times where I wanted to play, but could only get on one or two good tables so I quit from boredom. 2-tabling tends to put me to sleep. Besides just updating the challenge next week, I have some pretty good post ideas in the queue so check back.



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