Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bloggers Invade The OCPT

The latest stop on the Orange County Poker Tour (OCPT) was last night. Since smokkee dropped off the tour to play cyberpoker instead, the field is pretty unbloggerly. Joe Speaker showed up for last years championship and did a nice write-up, on what is arguably the best run underground tour in central O.C. It appears this is finally paying dividends as yosoyveneno and High Plains Drifter made surprise appearances at last nights event. HPD also brought Jeff from TustinRounders to compete for what would be a $570 prize pool.

Veneno would play well, but just could not get anything to hold up against the various suck-out artists at her starting table. She ended up getting knocked out first from the 16 competitors when once again her money went in ahead, and a flush was promptly rivered. The new guys from TustinRounders would do well, both making the money. As the blinds escalated late on the bubble, I got it all-in against the big stack preflop with A9o. He would have AA, but I would river a 4-flush for new life. I would make it past the bubble, but was out in 5th. High Plains Drifter had a nice stack throughout the final table play, but would succumb to the ever increasing blinds and be out in 4th. Tony was out in 3rd leaving newcomer Jeff and old timer Tom (T.A.) Andor to compete for the title. It would be over quickly with T.A. taking 1st for $230, and Jeff 2nd for $140. Above you can see them after the final hand. Saturday night is a double stakes tourney in Lake Forrest. If you are in So-Cal you are welcome to make a guest appearance on tour.



At 8:47 PM, Blogger rcfox said...

I would be interested in the OCPT...though it's unlikely I can make Saturday (it's tax season for me). My regular home game has pretty much dried up, unfortunately.

Russ Fox (rcfox at claytonservices dot com)

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Blinders said...


I will put you on the email list. Next OCPT event is on 4/11/07.


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