Monday, January 22, 2007

HORSE Final Table Last Night

I have played one MTT online in the last two months. It was CCs tourney which was more of a S&G. I have been focusing exclusively on my cash game. I am traveling on business this week so I have a laptop, but no high res monitor, PokerTracker, or HUD. I was trying to decide if I should just suspend the ladder challenge until I get back (since I am missing some of my tools of the trade), or just play MTTs and S&Gs this week. So last night, I thought it would be cool to run an MTT or two. I noticed that the 4k HORSE tourney was going off with a huge overlay (about $1400) for FullTilt. I could not resist. It would be a good decision.

I have no idea, why I am good at HORSE. I hate limit holdem, and Stud just seems like to much work to play correctly. I do think I am pretty good at Razz. Mainly because I have put some effort into learning how to play the game correctly (props to F-Trian for providing strategy posts for razz). Omaha high/low to me is more fun than holdem, but it I doubt I play it close to correctly yet. So it's a bunch of games, that I have hardly ever played, and many that I don't particularly like. Yet, I appear to be some sort of natural at it.

I never played HORSE until FT offered HORSE S&Gs. I have probably run about 10-15 of the $5 HORSE S&Gs for a decent profit. I final tabled my first $5 HORSE MTT several months ago. I also held my own in the DADI HORSE event last year, though I did not cash. Last night would be my third HORSE MTT, and my second final table. This one would be good for 3rd place and a $508 cash. That's my best MTT cash online in two years. I am not going to analyze any of the hands, because I do not claim to be an expert at any of the HORSE games, but below is how the tourney went from a chip count perspective.

I jumped out early getting to 4500 before the break and sitting in the top 4 for most of the first hour. I would continue to stay in the top 10 in the second hour, and until the cash bubble burst. We were stuck at 15 players for a long time, and I briefly was the guy in 15th place, but I would rally back, getting to the final table 6th in chips. I would get to 20k in chips, for second most at the final table breifly, but then drifted back to about 15k. With 7 left, there were two big stacks with about 60k. I was third with 15k, and all others were pretty short. With me needing to quadruple up to compete for one of the top 2 spots, I decided to hold back a little and let the shorties get eliminated before taking any big risks. The blinds were such that any hand the shorties would play would be for all their chips. This strategy would work, as the shorties were pushed out, and I was left in 3rd place with 15k in chips. 3-way I just went hyper-aggressive, and got a double up, but could not get a second one. Out in a respectable 3rd place. I love HORSE.


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