Thursday, January 18, 2007

The End Of Online Poker Stage Two

Neteller has basically ceased US operations. It looks like to cash out, you will have to ATM it out, which might be inconvenient if you have 10s of thousands to remove. I don't have that much as I have been quietly transferring it to my checking account for a while, but I still have about 5k at Neteller. Wonder what I will do with all that cash. Vegas is a tempting 265 miles away.

I do think this is stage two of the end though. With the founders of Neteller arrested, the few sources for transferring are taking a pretty huge gamble by offering services in the US. Bottom line, it just got a lot harder to transfer funds in an out for 100s of thousands of Neteller customers. I have my full ladder roll on FullTilt, and I should be able to generate poker funds indefinitely there. My roll at pokerstars is non-existent. I have about 1k at bodog, so that appears to be my only option without getting an account with a small soon to be shut down transfer service. For people like me who can generate funds cool, but for the 90% out there who need to be reloading their accounts on a semi-regular basis, the new issues and inconvenience could easily push them away. The games will be drying up as a result.

Better get as much poker in as you can in the next few weeks as the donks and fish are blowing through their rolls for the last time.

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At 4:13 PM, Blogger cracknaces said...

There was $7 BILLION transferred through neteller last year alone. It is just a matter of time before replacements start popping up in countries that don't bow to our idiotic government. Costa Rica and Russia come to mind!


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