Tuesday, January 16, 2007

$2482 - Moving Up To 3/6 NL

I don't have a ton of readers of this here blog. I do get a daily read from the poker Gods though, so that counts for something. They don't ever post comments, but I know they read. How do I know? Whenever I decide I need to bitch about being unlucky or on the wrong end of variance, they read my post and intervene with lightning speed. So I did the lets all feel sorry for Blinders post Monday. Tuesday, things just went my way. The ultimate bone thrown at me by the PGs when they gave me a flopped boat with 88, and let me get a full double up for a $450 pot at 1/2 NL. Sure, it would have been nicer to get a hand like that at 2/4NL, but the poker gods have other plans for me I guess.
So I looked at the role, and it was above $2400 before I knew it. Time to move up to 3/6 NL. The 3/6 pickings at FullTilt are pretty slim. Often there is no full ring tables going, and when one is running it usually looks pretty tough. There happened to be one running, and it was about as soft as I have seen, so I took a shot. 30 hands later, I am up $60 at 3/6 NL. And I did it without getting a pocket pair. The big hand was a check-raise all-in bluff at a very scary board that was not called (whew! heart thumping on that one).
So poker Gods, thanks for being loyal readers. Per our agreement, I will try to not post about how great I am, and will limit the I am not lucky posts to just when I need them. If my reward for you guys screwing with me at 2/4 NL is that I will be a winning 3/6 NL player, I will take the cards you are dealing me.

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