Thursday, November 02, 2006

Anyone running the new 90 player S&Gs on FullTilt?

FullTilt has new 90 player "double stack" S&Gs that pay the top 20%. It is about as good of a structure as you can get IMO. They have, 1, 5, 10, and 20 buy-in versions. I ran a few last night and did an experiment as well. I entered a $1, and decided to sit the whole thing out to see where you would end without playing a hand. I figured there would be a decent shot at cashing by sitting the tourney out, lol. I ended up 23/90 in that one, 5 spots out of the money. It shows that in this structure if you can just sit back and play ubertight you should be able to cruise right into the money. Then depending on stack size etc. you can get aggressive and try to play for a deep final table run. I think these will be very profitable for me.

The three I actually played in, I did ok. I took 12/90 in a $5, and got 34/90, and 67/90 in a couple of $10. I was very card dead in the two $10 ones, and got eliminated in a battle of the blinds in the 34th one while short, and pushed in with 18 outs on the flop on the other and missed. I am going to try to run a bunch of these in the next few days, plus they are great practice for the big game, with a similar structure.

I was in a tier 2 token race as well last night, and their was an ubermaniac at the table who was raising 80% of his hands, and calling all reraises. The guy had luckboxed his way up to 10k in chips and was running the table. I pushed over him with 77 and he called with A5o and I doubled through to 3k in chips and about 4th out of 12 left. The guy just kept raising and raising. These things are marathons, and I was in great position with a double-up and a maniac to force the action. This guy was retarded though, and I was very concerned he would give all the chips back, and even things out. I kept getting middle pairs, and kept folding them to the maniac, because I figured I was already close to the $75 token. Eventually, I just got fed up, and pushed over him all-in with 88. I figured one more double-up, and I would be at 6k which is generally enough to sit-out and get the token. However, I knew this guy would call with anything so I'm risking my stack. He called with ATo, and sent me to the rail when he flopped a T. Did I F this one up?

Lastly, I made a deep run the the 12k last night. I got up to $5200 in the first hour, and then treaded water in the second hour. Early in the third hour, I got a rush of three consecutive hands where I ran my stack up to 15k. I then held out into the money. Then I got AQ on the button. You prolly know what's going to happen, so you can quit reading if you like.

Blinds are 1600/800. UTG limps, chip leader in MP limps. I have AQ, and there is already 7200 in the pot with the limpers and blinds/antes. I have everyone but the MP limper covered. I figure that if I push and get a single caller, I have pot odds against a pair JJ or lower, and dominate AJ and lower. No strength shown yet, so I don't think I am against AA, KK, QQ or AK, though one of the blinds could wake up with a monster. So the decision is pretty obvious and I push. Blinds fold, UTG calls, and MP tanks. I want him to fold, because he has me covered, but he overcalls the two all-ins with KJo. UTG limper has AA. There is about a 10k side pot, so things are not that bad, but the flop brings a J and IGHN in 30/595. I hate the chip leaders overcall preflop there, but he lucked out. If I take that pot down uncontested or double through, I am close or in the top 10 in chips.

I have cashed in about 1/2 of my MTTs lately which is a nice change. Still need to get that big score. If I can somehow force myself to play more of these, It's just a matter of time. I also, ran some cash games for the first time in a while and won a quick $200 at .50/1 nl with a combination of some good play, and good situations. Kind of a rambling post, but it feels good to be playing more, than I have in the past few weeks. Can't wait for the next Big Game.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

I like the AQ push. You get called by 77/AT/KQ enough times to make a push with AQ a winning strategy overall.

I am definitely going to give those SNGs a go too - I just get bored waiting for them to fill.

As for the 12k, it is definitely doable - one of my faves because of payout to player ratios. You and I should both be shooting to win the whole damn thing. Can't let smokkee have all the fun.


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