Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MNF Announcers Suck!

Warning little to no poker content below:

The announcers on Monday Night Football are horrible, and have sucked since Cosell left the booth. Well all Football commentators suck, but what's new. From last nights game we have this gem, which is pretty standard stuff.

On a third and 7 from the 35, Brad Johnson hucks up one of the ugliest ducks I have ever seen that is easily intercepted by the defense on about the 28 yardline. The commentators start ripping him apart. "That was a horrible decision". "What was he thinking when he makes that throw". "That had to be one of the worst interceptions I have ever seen".

Now on the surface these comments seem natural and appropriate, but this is a football game so lets look at the situation, and see how "bad" this play was and see if it rises to one of the worst INTs ever. First off, it is 3rd down. An incomplete pass and they punt. Lets assume that all of the receivers were covered, so there was no easy way to convert the first down. So what do you do? You throw it as far as you can to the long receiver no matter how "covered" he is. You might get an pass interference penalty. Worst case is the pass gets intercepted like it did this time. NE got the ball on the 28, which was a 37 yard change in field position. If its incomplete, they punt 45 yards on average, and it gets returned 10 yards for 35 yards net on average. This INT was 37 yards net, so it was better then a punt. To me this is sooooo obvious, but the announcers think it was the worst interceptions ever. To me it was one of the best. It did not hurt Min. at all. The play is like a Semi-bluff. You huck the ball out there and hope for the best. If your bluff gets called (INT) your barely hurt, but the upside is huge. The worst INT ever would be one in the red zone that gets returned for a TD. a 10-14 point swing. This one had no effect on the outcome. You guys need to see this stuff, but you suck. If you want something better ESPN, I am available.


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