Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gi De Up

It's about time I write about blogger day in Del Mar. Joe Speaker was kind enough to set up this event, and it would be impossible for me to pass it up. I had to pull some strings with the wifey to get permission, but I lobbied long and hard (if you know what I mean). When Bill Rini suggested a TJ trip afterwards, it sounded great, but there was no way I could pull that off. In fact, if I were to even ask, the Del Mar trip would surely be nixed. I was not about to let that happen. The plan was to hook up with Joe, at 15 minutes before the first post at a bar on the 4th level of the stretch run section. I don't own a cell phone, and I don't think they allow pay phones at the track, so it was very important that I arrive on time. I left my house about an hour and 20 minutes before the first post. With no traffic I would get there in about 50 minutes.

Unfortunately, the traffic was the worst I had ever seen heading to San Diego on a weekend, and the trip took close to 2 1/2 hours. I have never been to the track at Del Mar, so I was uncertain where to park. I ended up parking about as far away as possible from where the stretch run section is. I happened to bring a couple of Blue Moon beers with me for this eventuality, and slammed them both in short order to prepare for the hike to the track. After hiking for about 5 furlongs (don't really no how far a furlong is), I get to the edge of the track, and a sign that says the stretch run section is another two freaking furlongs. This was starting to suck, but at the same time it was not. There were an obscene number of ridiculously hot fillies rolling into the track. I am talking California 8s and 9s, which would be solid 10s in any other state. At least half of the women fell into this uberhot category which is an unbelievable ratio for anywhere, let alone the horse races. I noticed there was a Jimmy Eat World concert afterwards. Was all the hotness here for that, or is this just a normal thing for Del Mar. I don't remember hot chicks being a reason to go to the track from my days at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park, but it's got to be a major reason to go the extra mile(s) to Del Mar.

As I got closer to the stretch run section, I noticed that the section before it was sold out. Did I get here too late? Luckily the stretch run section still had tickets, and I headed up to the 4th level. I looked around for a bar, but there were just concession stands selling beer and snacks. I went to them all. No Joe Speaker. I did a few laps through the 4th level seats looking to spot Joe or any other major internet celebrities. No luck. No pay phones either as expected. This was great, a 2 1/2 hour trip to Del Mar, and I might be spending the afternoon alone. At least I was in the company of smoking hot San Diegans. It was not all bad.

I found the shortest beer line and got in it. Five minutes later, I was one away from the front, when I saw what appeared to be Huge Junk standing erect in the isle (did I say that out loud?). I was almost positive it was Huge Junk. He appeared to be looking down the isle for someone (me?). I didn't want to miss the chance to find these guys, but I was parched. The beer would have to come first. I got my beer, turned to look and he was gone. I headed in the direction where he was, and saw Joe and Junk heading down to the third level. I caught up with them. It turns out I was the first to arrive. We got to our seats on the third level, and I started trying to handicap the next race. Bobby, had a lock for the fifth, and I found a runner that I liked as well.

This is when the routine started.

1) Handicap the next race
2) Downstairs to place the bet
3) Downstairs further to the Blue Moon stand for a round of beers
4) Hang out at ground level and admire the uberhotness of the talent cruising around
5) Back up to our seats just in time for the race
6) Rinse and Repeat

I hit a $5 show on the 5th race, and got a small piece of the 6th to stay close to even. I am clearly an amateur at handicapping. I am great at picking the horse who would be leading at the last turn, but not the horses that would blow by my leader down the stretch run. I had a Win/Place/Show bet on a 25-1 shot that led for 85% of the race only to tire and finish out of the money. Bill Rini and Yosoyveneno showed up around the 7th race. Yosoyveneno hit her first race hard, hitting the trifecta, and various other bets to clear $600 plus. She just bet the three California horses in the race. Genius. I whiffed on the 8th and 9th races. In one of them after some late scratches I had three of the five runners boxed up. My three finished 3/4/5 for no money. The saving grace was the last race. Joe and Yosoyveneno had solid picks, and I found one myself. I placed $2 W/P/S bets on all three and exacta boxed them as well. When they finished 1/2/3, I won all the money on the board, and the exacta putting me up about $20 for the day. Not bad.

The TJ plans were canceled, and the J.E.W. concert was out of the question (I have to admit I like them though). Joe and Bobby were heading to Pechanga for some Blackjack. I could not pass up the chance to play with Bobby Blackjack at his game of choice, so I took the detour through Pechanga back to the OC. More to come on Pechanga so stay tuned.


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