Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 26

Just played a short session online, and would have won a decent amount, but my AA got cracked by KK when a K turned. I played the OCPT home game last night, and rallied back from the short stack on the bubble to get the win. I had the chip leader on my left the whole night which was tough, but I played well late and accumulated a ton of chips. A few key late hands are below.

4 handed, bubble just burst. I raise from the button with KTo, and get reraised all-in by the chip leader. I have to call based on my remaining stack. I am against 99, and flop a T. Later when heads up, I pick up TT and open to $250 (blinds 50/100). Drew calls. Flop comes 8 high, and after Drew checks, I grab a $500 stack of $25 chips, and say "Raise 500". I wanted this to look like a steal, but Drew folds. Ultimately this would set up the next hand. I pick up 95o and limp from the SB. Flop comes K99. I check and Drew checks. Turn is an A, and I grab another $500 stack of $25s and make the bet appearing to buy it. Drew goes all-in, and I insta-call for a huge double-up. Few hands later I open raise with AT, and flop AQJ. I bet, and Drew pushes, I call. Drew had a Q and did not improve. Suddenly, I have 90% of the chips, and end it a few hands later. It was a nice tournament for me. I was card dead until the last few hands before the rebuy was over. I built up a decent stack, right before the add-on. Then, I just hung on through the bubble, and rallied back hard late. It's a decent flow for a tournament, and how I usually win them. (rarely will I wire to wire a tourney).

FullTilt 132h -2.00
Day 26 Total -2.00

Challenge Total +761.65

H.B. Stop on the OCPT

Buy-in -10
Rebuys -30
Add-on -10
1st place +220

Live Tourney Total +170.00


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