Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 23

I tried to turn things around today, and things are going to have to turn around soon, or there is no way I make this challenge. I had a pretty good session early. Then in a later session I got into some troble early when, I open raised with KQo one club, and the flop came Q high all clubs. I hate to get myself into too much trouble with a flop in all one suit, but this is one of those situations that is hard to avoid. I have top pair good kicker, and a draw to the second nut flush. As long as this guy did not flop the flush I am probably good (heads up on flop). The guy had $30 behind, so when he reraised my flop bet, I went ahead and put him in. He had the nut flush, and a K on the turn brought me some outs, but I blanked the river. The day before, I got into the same type of situation when my KK one diamond, flopped an all diamond J high flop. This one the money did not go in until the river (and after the flush hit), but I was also against the flopped nut flush.

The very next hand after the KQo disaster, I pick up KK. There is an open raise to 4x, and I reraise big to make it look like I am tilting after the flush hand. Initial raiser pushes, and I call. He has AA. One of the guys at the table says "Blinders, that was a couple of coolers in a row". I said "Think so?". Anyway, that put me down $100 on the table in two hands, and I quit that table. I was doing well on the other tables, and eventually made up for the losses. If I could have somehow avoided those two hands, or won with the KK, I would have had a real nice day. The day ended up profitable, so I will take it.

FullTilt 339h +76.25
Party 26h -4.50
Day 23 Total +71.75

Challenge Total +744.75


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