Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 20 and Mansion Sportsbet Results

I ran some more single table S&Gs today. Five $10 buy-ins with 2 second place finishes, and two $6 turbos with a third place. Overall it was a slight loss. I ended up not playing anymore so I could watch the big game, and then skipped a late night session. I am going to need a big weekend at the cash games to get the challenge back on track.

Sit and Gos -3.20
Day 20 Total -3.20

Challenge Total +743.85

For the Mansion sportsbet offer, I listed my bets in an earlier post. I basically overhedged Miami, because I thought they had the best chance of covering. After the first half was over, I was not liking the Miami side as much and wanted to see if I could even things out a bit. I placed a halftime bet on Pittsburgh at Bodog for a pick (even) for the last $34.50 I had in the account. This was not a great way to undue the over hedge, because there were results that would make this bet lose without the original Pitt bet coming in. Later in the second half with Pitt on the long drive that was helped by penalties and down by 3, I placed a live bet $100 contract at WSEX on Pitt for $58 (Pitt -1.5). When they fumbled at the goal line this looked like a horrible decision, but it eventually worked out. If the game was to be Pitt by exactly one point, I was going to push my big hedge, and win the Pitt bet for a $1,000 profit. Late in the game, this was still on the table which was pretty cool. Ultimately Pitt covered the spread, and Mansion paid my bet. I immediatly cashed it out to neteller. Big props to everyone who had the ballz to let it ride on Pittsburgh, and are $1,000 richer today. The way the game went either team could have won so it was like flipping a coin for $1000. Even though I did not win the $600+ I was looking for with a Miami win, Pitt covering worked out pretty good. First, Mansion paid immediatly, so I did not have to stress for 3 days to see if they would refund the bet. Second, I bottomed out my account with the hedge, so I will not have to make more sportsbets there to clear the instant bonus. I will take it!

Mansion Sportsbet Offer Results

Mansion Pitt bet +1,000
Bodog halftime bet +34.50
WSEX $100 Pitt contract +42.00
Pinnacle hedge on Miami -600

Overall Results +$476.50


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