Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Titan Poker is Hammer Friendly

I signed up with Titan Poker last week to take advantage of the $1,000 blogger freeroll next week. I am not asking you to sign-up, as I hope this thing goes off with me and Doubleas heads-up. Anyway, I have played a few times with not much success until today. The site does not have much traffic, so it is difficult to get on a 10-handed table, and multitabling is not very feasible. The play seems pretty tight for a smaller site. I deposited $300 and got a $300 bonus match, that is released pretty slowly in $5 increments. Unless I can multitable there, there is now way I will clear it in the 90 days allowed. Anyway, I got a good run of cards today including the hand above, and quad nines a few hands later. I ended up getting $20 more in the pot before taking down this hammer special. If you are playing with bloggers a 772 board is about as scary as it can get!


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