Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Orange County Poker Tour (OCPT) and Some Other Random Thoughts

This Orange County Poker Tour that I created is really starting to snowball. We play once a month on the second Wednesday at various locations in Orange County. The format is $10+rebuys NL holdem. The prize pool gets pretty big with lots of rebuys and add-ons. Last month we had 20 entries and a $790 prize pool. Tonight we are looking at 25+ and a $1,000+ prize pool. It would be cool if we could add some bloggers to the mix. Currently it is just me and smokkee. If your local to the OC, or ever in the area on the second Wed. drop me a comment and I will get you in. Should be an awesome event tonight. Lots of booze, friendly banter, and an Ipod mix of classic OC Poker tunes in the background. Good times!

I have to be the unluckiest blogger in the blogger tourneys. In the last DADI event, I bubble out in 7th, after surviving 20+ minutes of hand for hand on the bubble. In the last WSOP qualifier on PokerStars, I get all-in on the turn with a boat, only to lose to a rivered higher boat. And last night in the PokerSavvy 1k blogger freeroll on Titan Poker, I push in with AQs preflop and get called by AQo and fucking lose the hand. That gets me 19th with top 15 paying. I got some nice apologies from the blogger who sucked out, but I am getting sick of it. Hopefully, I am getting the bad beats out of my system, so I will be ready for the FullTilt 20 WSOP seat freeroll on April 22. I qualified for it last night. Wish me luck, I need it!!!


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