Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Online Bankroll - $8420

My reported bankroll increases have been pathetic lately. I wanted this blog to give me some incentive to show off and grow my bankroll nicely. I have been running well lately, although it has been mostly at the $.50/1 nl holdem tables. I am still getting smacked around a little at the $1/2, although I did win some money of Perry Friedman on FullTilt over the weekend. I own that guy! Anyway as of today this is where my bankroll stands:

FullTilt: 3,002.75
PokerStars: 1,715.55
DoylesRoom: 1,197.13
Party Poker: 799.57
Titan Poker: 479.46
Pacific Poker: 426.32
Bodog: 20.00
Neteller: 779.73

Total: $8420

Overall, I am up about $800 in a little less than 2 weeks, while qualifying for two big freerolls on FullTilt. I will take it! As you can see I am expanding the sites that I play at. Party Poker has been really good to me in the few hours I have played there, although I did give some back today on a couple of bad beats. I decided to go for the PokerSavvy WSOP freeroll. So I am getting points for Titan/Party/and Pacific through that site. The savvy points are worth like .10 each in swag, so after I get the 3000 pts, I will be able to get a $300 gift card for Amazon or Target plus the 150 entry WSOP free roll (worlds smallest!). I don't have rakeback going on any sites, and that kind of sucks. If you are working a bonus you get more than rakeback pays, and I got so many bonuses working it is not an issue. I will prolly sign up with a few more lesser know sites to complete the 3000pt requirement at PokerSavvy, then get rakeback somewhere juicy if possible.

I played in the 8k on FullTilt last night as a warm-up for the WSOP freeroll this weekend. Didn't see a flop or win a hand in the first 35. Then I got on a decent run, and worked my stack north of 10k without many great starting hands. I was feeling good, and thought I could make a run at the final table. Then I pick up my first real hand of the night (KK), and get all-in preflop against AQ and lose to a flopped A and drop back to 5k. Then rather then limping into the money, I stay aggressive (which will be required in the WSOP freeroll). After a couple more big hands that don't go well, I am out in about 58/419 with top 45 paying. I could have limped to the money after the KK hand, but I am trying to play to win from now on. I was actually happy with the moves I made late, even though they did not work out. I think I am ready for Saturday.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

GL homie. i hope we both do well Saturday.


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