Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Jersey

I received my custom FullTilt football jersey a few weeks ago. Its like the one that "the mouth" was wearing during his 2005 WSOP main event run. Mine has "Blinders" across the back and the number 13. Why 13? Well Dan Marino is my favorite Football player and he wore 13. Also, I am the unluckiest blogging tournament player, so 13 fits well. It took 25,000 FTP points to buy the thing which represents $25,000 in rake of off tables you played at. It is real nice, probably worth $120+ for the quality and all of the customization. I thought it would be cool to play live tournaments with my friends with the jersey. Not sure if I want to wear it casinos as it prolly draws to much attention to you, and identifies you as a cyber specialist. Last night at the OCPT event would be my first opportunity to wear the jersey. It would be a night worth remembering.

The first hour of the tourney is pretty uneventful. I win most of the pots I get involved in, and work my stack up to $270 at the break (started with $200). I take the add-on for $150 more in chips. After an orbit, I pick up QQ on the button with 7/15 blinds. Preston limps, StopSign raises to $30, and I reraise to $130 wanting to get heads-up, or just take it down. Blinds fold, Preston pushes all-in, and StopSign folds. I know Preston does not have AA or KK as I don't think the limp raise is in his bag of tricks, so I have to call. Preston has KQ, and no K shows up. I now have about $1000 in chips. I start to pick up the aggression, and steal some blinds. I take two shots at Ryan #2 and get him all-in with a worst hand, but he sucks out on me twice. The final table forms and the blinds are 100/200. It gets folded around to me few times on the button, and I steal the blinds some more, and work my stack back-up. People start dropping and we get down to 3-way with about equal chip stacks. I push from the SB with T9s after the button folded, and get called by K7o. I flop a 9, but Ryan catches runner/runner for a flush, and I am down to 400 in chips. I am screwed, but I have to make that play with the blinds at 300/600 and being up against a random hand. On the next hand Ryan has AJ and Steve has AK and they are all-in preflop. Flop comes KQx, and Ryan is in big trouble, but he rivers a T for the straight, and Steve is eliminated.

We start heads up and I have $400 in chips to Ryan's $6800. Since I am in the $300 SB, I just say "I am all-in blind", and we deal the cards face up. I get J2o and Ryan gets AA. I catch two pair and double up. I have to go all-in on the next hand with $800 in chips and a $600 BB posted, and double-up again. I really don't have anything to lose, so I push-in all but one time from the SB, and Ryan is folding his BB and SB a little too much. I get TT and Ryan decides to take a stand, and I double-up again and take the chip lead. I push-in with A4 on the next hand and get called by AT. I flop a 4 and the tournament is over. I win $275 (30 entry), and take over the career earnings lead on the Orange County Poker Tour (OCPT). I think I like my new FullTilt jersey.


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