Monday, April 24, 2006

The Big Letdown

Last Saturday was the 20 seat WSOP freeroll on FullTilt. I worked hard for a month putting in tons of hours on FullTilt to accumulate 10,000 pts to qualify. It would not be my day.

With about 680 entries it would be a 34-1 shot at getting a seat. I decided that I would need to loosen up a bit early and try to get some chips rather then waiting till the blinds got large to start making moves. Not my typical tournament strategy, but at 34-1 some adjustments were required. I played some extra hands and watched my chip stack slowly go down. There was a maniac about 3 to my right that was constantly raising preflop and then trying to push people off hands. I call one of his preflop raises with AJ. Flop comes QJx, and I call him down to win a nice pot and get up to about 2300 in chips (2000 to start). I bleed off some more chips, and call him again with AJs in a blind. One other caller as well. Flop comes J high two clubs (I have hearts), and I check planning to check raise. Other guy checks and maniac bets 300 as planned. I check raise to 600, other guy pushes all-in, and the maniac calls. I have over 1/3 of my chips in play, but I have to let this one go. Other guy has a set of 5s, maniac has a J and the flush draw. Flush draw hits on the river. I can dodge bullets, but my stack is starting to get crippled. With about 1200 in chips and blinds at 30/60 I pick up JJ and open for $225 and get one caller. I am planning on pushing if the flop is low. Flop comes Qxx, and from out of position I make a $320 continuation bet. Other guy reraises enough to put me all-in. If I fold I am down to 700 in chips and will need to triple up just to get back where I started. If I call and win, I will have about 2600 in chips which is about average. An A or K on the flop would have scared me more then a Q. I figure there's a decent shot I am still ahead, and that if I fold, I would be about 100-1 on getting a seat. I call and other guy has AQ. I am out in the first 1/2 hour. I hate tournaments! In a cash game, I can let that go easy, but Tournaments require you to play stupid at times.

I played in an OCPT special event tourney on Friday night. We had 16 entries and a $760 prize pool. I was hanging in there early against a very aggressive table. I raise 4x preflop and get a couple of callers. Flop comes KQ5, and I reraise an early position better. We end up going all-in, and the other guy has Q5, and I have to rebuy. These fish are playing like this and its working! Chris, is playing like a maniac. He is calling all-ins with any two cards and sucking out like mad. He is also raising a lot and pushing people around. I am begging to get in a hand with him. I get all-in preflop vs. Ken with AQ vs. AJ, and he sucks out a four flush. Another rebuy, and I never seem to do well in these things when I rebuy a lot before the break. The Final table forms shortly after the break. I am sitting on about 410 chips after the add-on.

Maniac Chris opens for 300 (blinds 20/40), and I pick up AK. I would much rather make a big reraise with AK and get called by Chris, then call his big preflop raise. I put him on a small pocket pair or possibly a decent Ace. I figure I have a coinflip at worse, and a double-up would put me in great position to go deep. My stack is actually a little light due to all of the other rebuys. I make the call. For some reason we end up tabling our cards even though, I am not all-in yet. Chris has 88. I miss the flop, Chris puts me all-in and I fold. I go all-in a few hands later with K8o as the blinds approach. Ryan calls with KQ, and Chris calls with Q5. LOL. Well at least my 8 is live for the triple up. I end up catching the 8 on the river, but it fills Chris's gutshot, and me and Ryan are eliminated. That guy must have a horseshoe up his ass, and has a massive chip lead when I go home. The only saving grace was, he donked it off and ended up getting 5th, for a small payout. Larry who hosted, ended up rallying back for the win and a $300.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

No one is "required" to play stoopid in tourneys. you just got unlucky there.

and dude, flipping over your cards before you're all in to find out your behind then fold with hardly any chips left?

online players...LMAO

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Blinders -

How much time did you put into getting those 10K in points?

I'm currently (trying) doing the same for next month's freeroll.


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