Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bankroll - WSOP Update

I am very close to qualifying for the April WSOP freeroll on FullTilt. This one is for 20 seats to the main event (12k value each) and I currently have 8,800/10,000 of the required points. I would already have the seat, but FTP started running a new Iron-Man promotion. To get into the 30k Platinum Iron Man free roll, you need 200pts in a day for 25 days. So rather then finish off the 10,000 pts quick, I have been limiting myself to 200 pts/day and will stretch out my qualifting for the WSOP freeroll to near the April 14th deadline. Lately I have been playing on FullTilt at night just until I get the 200 points, then switching over to DoylesRoom where I am STILL working on the $550 bonus. I am sitting on 79k of the required 110k to get the bonus as of today. I am also playing some on Titan where I have a $300 bonus working. I have a $120 bonus on PokerStars working, but I rarely get around to playing there anymore.

Anyway, the FullTilt freeroll, and other bonuses have forced me to put more hours in, and my NL cash game is running real good right now. I ran-up my 1/2 play to about +$920, then went on a big downswing and gave most of the 1/2 profits back. I have been playing .50/1 almost exclusively since my losing streak at 1/2 and it has done wonders for my confidence and bankroll. I will jump back into the 1/2 on the 15th as there is no way to qualify for the next FullTilt WSOP freeroll without playing a significant number 1/2 hands (unless I am willing to play 5 hours a day). On PokerStars I am up to a paltry 90 $W. The turbo qualifiers just don't appeal to me, although I am 3/4 in the $2 turbos. Below is my Online Bankroll as of Today:

FullTilt: $2,995.35
PokerStars: $1748.55
DoylesRoom: $1457.13
TitanPoker: $399.00
BoDog: $23.53
Neteller: $1031.14
Donations: $10

Total: $7664.70

Alright, so I am up a little more than $400 in three weeks. Not as much as I thought, but I dropped $600-700 at 1/2 in the same period which really killed my nice profits at .50/1. I have also been playing some of the $24+2 buy-in MTTs on FullTilt with no success. I need my cash game to support my unhealthy tournament habit. I actually can't remember the last MTT I cashed in that was not a freeroll. I am 3 for 3 in FullTilt's VIP freerolls, but they are full of zombies so they are much easier. I will really need to focus on MTTs in a few months as the WSOP approaches, or I will be wasting my time going.


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