Thursday, December 08, 2005

Newport Poker Open 15

Last night was our company online tournament. It is on PokerStars. It was the third event of the second season. I was sitting in third for the season, after two third place finishes in the first two events. I was pretty card dead in the early going, but picked up a small pot or two. I was at 1200 in chips when I picked up TT under the gun. I made my standard raise to 200 (4x), and got called by the player on my left. Then smokkee reraised me to 500. I have played with smokkee many times and he is pretty much a maniac, but he also knows my typical game which is tight aggressive. Smokkee eliminated me from the last Newport Open late by playing bigstack poker, and pushing all-in under the gun with "the Brunsen" (T2o). He was pushing everyhand once we got down to three way, so I had to call with A4o. He caught the deuce and I was eliminated. He had about 3k in chips when he reraised my TT, so I was in a tough spot. I have two options here, push all-in or fold. I figured the smooth caller would fold, so I would be getting decent pot-odds for a coin-flip. I decided to push, and they both called. They both had AA, and I got no help and was eliminated in 8th. I know it was a donkey move by me. I should have thought it through more. Now if smokkee had open raised 4x, pushing all-in there is a no brainer as he could have anything. But he reraised me back after I opened 4x UTG. As tight as I play early in a tourney, he had to know I had a big pair or at least AK. He also knew I would play back at him with most of my likely holdings. TT is just not a good enough hand to make that move right there. In a cash game, I am folding that everytime, unless the reraiser is shortstacked or a complete idiot. Bottom line is my tournament game is a little rusty, as I have been playing cash games exclusively for the last few months. I will make it a point to play some two table S&Gs before the next online tourney.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

I love it when players think i play like a maniac. they can't put me on a hand. while i pick up smaller pots with my aggressive play, players will eventually get tired of it and push with weaker hands. even "maniacs" can pick up AA every so often. CHA-CHING!


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