Monday, December 12, 2005

Got Tilt?

DoylesRoom, .50/1 Ring

Seat 1 : DAVIACES has $166.50
Seat 2 : beet420 has $83.82
Seat 3 : danio29 has $46.25
Seat 4 : Blinders has $162.50
Seat 5 : Dratj has $95.50
Seat 6 : floridacom has $199.82
Seat 7 : phillyboy88 has $202.62
Seat 8 : leighgd has $41.66
Seat 9 : ferdousi has $115.50
Dratj is the dealer.
Seat 4 : Blinders has 9c 9h
leighgd folded.
ferdousi folded.
DAVIACES folded.
beet420 folded
danio29 folded

Ok, I like to mix up limping and raising with 99, but with the number of folds in front of me, and the opportunity to open raise, I go ahead and pop it to 4x.

Blinders called $1 and raised $3
floridacom called $3.50 and raised $3
phillyboy88 folded.
Blinders called $3

Well, I did not want someone to play back at me here. I would rather just take the blinds, or take it down on the flop with a continuation bet. A $3 call for a $15 pot means I am getting decent pot odds to flop the set, plus the implied odds are huge based on our stack sizes. I call putting this guy on a big pair or AK.

Board cards [Ac 9s Tc]
floridacom bet $8
Blinders called $8 and raised $8
floridacom called $8

Jackpot, I flopped the set! Looks like he does have the AK, or is trying to take it down with a pair like KK or QQ. Based on the preflop action these are his likely holdings, but I need to be sure that he does not have AA so I min. reraise him back to find out. He just calls, confirming that he does not have AA. I can't see how he would just call there with a set and possible flush and straight draws on the board. The fact that I reraised him back there against two rounds of strength, means that I probably have the AK or a set.

Board cards [Ac 9s Tc Jh]
floridacom bet $16
Blinders called $16 and raised $123.50 and is All-in
floridacom called $123.50

Wow, this guy is going to continue to push with his AK. There is no way he has AA, JJ or KQ, as I have already eliminated those possible holdings. The way this guy has been playing I don't think he can laydown TPTK, and I don't want him drawing to the Q for a straight that beats my hand, so its time to push!

Seat 4 : Blinders has 9c 9h
Seat 6 : floridacom has Ah Qd

OMG, this guy called that bet with an outside straight draw. After reraises from me on two consecutive streets, he can't really believe his pair of As is good. In his mind he has either 8 or 10 outs (if another A would do it) . So he calls with a 16-20% chance of winning, while getting 38% pot odds.

Board cards [Ac 9s Tc Jh 8c]
Blinders has 3 of a Kind: 9s
floridacom has Straight QJT98
floridacom wins $323 with Straight QJT98
danio29 : wow
ferdousi : ul
leighgd : damn
DAVIACES : oouch
Hand is over.

Of course he hits his straight, and I am steaming. I have only been playing on Doylesroom for about a week now and this was easily the biggest pot I have been involved in. A few hands later on another table I pick up AK on the button and call a 4x open from middle position. The flop comes K83 rainbow, and the open raiser pushes all-in for $80 more. There is no way he makes that move with a set, and there are no draws on the board, or two pair opportunities with the preflop action. Without too much thought I make the call, and he flips up AA and takes down a nice pot. Several hands later, back at the table from the $323 pot, I pick up AK early, pop it 5x and get called by nearly the entire table (these guys must think I am tilting, and they may be right). Flop comes KQx with a flush draw, and I bet $18 to see where I am at and thin the field. I get two callers. Turn comes the Q without the flush, and I start to get concerned. Way too many people saw this flop, and I might be getting slowplayed, so I check. One guy bets $16, one guy folds, and I decide to call based on the pot size. River comes a blank, I check, and the other guy bets $38. Something does not seem right here. Would this guy really call the flop bet holding only the Q? Why such a small turn bet, if he was afraid of the flush. I decide to go ahead and call, and he flips up 52s for a busted flush draw, and I win a $160 pot. Normally, I don't let a big loss on a hand effect my play, but it seems like I am way out of control. Time to stop playing for the day. Got tilt?


At 9:59 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

Poker is an evil game sometimes.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger ChrisXena said...

I enjoy and learn from your mental explainations of your play, and here I love the "got Tilt" play on words! Makes me want to sit down with a glass of milk and play!

Poker Princess Warrior


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