Friday, December 09, 2005

Good Read, Bad Result

DoylesRoom .50/1 NL, I have a about $110, and get QQ on the button. One limper comes in and then from semi-late it gets raised to 3x. I pretty much have to raise here. First, if I just call, this will invite the blinds and limpers to come along for the ride, and I don't want that many seeing the flop. Second, the late raiser could have a huge range of hands, and I need to narrow his holdings down sooner rather then later. I min raise to 5x, and to my horror, the BB, limper and initial raiser all call. Alright, at least I can be pretty sure that I am not up against AA or KK, but I am still not very happy. Flop comes 228 rainbow. This is a good flop for me! I would rather it come down all low with a small pair, as it reduces the chances that someone flopped a set, plus no A or K to kill my QQ. The only hand I fear here is 88, as 22 is just to unlikely, and 23s, A2s is not very likely given the preflop action. BB bets out 4x and it folds to me. This is a little strange. 4x into a 20x pot is weird. Is this guy weak or trying to trap me. Now, I need to give him credit for a possible smooth call with AA or KK preflop. I need to find out, but don't want to pay to big of a price, so I reraise to 14x total, and BB just calls. Ok he doesn't have AA or KK and probably not 88. I put him on JJ, TT, 99, 89s, A8s, or possibly a small pocket pair. On the turn comes a beautiful 2, and BB bets 14x into what is now a 48x pot. My read says I have him, so enough is enough and I reraise him (third reraise this hand!) for all his chips. He thinks for a while and then calls with TT. I am about to win a $134 pot when a T drops on the river, and I lose to a bigger boat. I chat "OMG, nice catch". NL cash game sessions are usually defined by how the big hands go down, and my session looked like it would be defined a loser. To continue playing I had to just shake this one off, so I did and rebought my chips back to $100. About 10 hands later, the winner of the above hand got all-in preflop with QQ vs AA and lost his whole stack. I chatted "nice!", "he desereved that". That made me feel a little better. I played for a while longer, won back my losses and ended up with a nice gain for the session. I love DoylesRoom. It seems that whenever I take a bad beat, or pull some donkey move that cost me a bunch of chips, if I relax and keep playing my game they will all come back and then some.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger smokkee said...

i guess he couldn't believe you had an overpair bigger than his tens even though you represented it throughout the hand. maybe he had been bluffed off a hand earlier and put you on AK. luck wins again.


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